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Offshore Technology Oil & Gas

Design, assembly, construction, operation, services as well as decommissioning and disposal of offshore platforms for production of oil and gas and its components as well as supply of components and equipment for offshore ships (e.g. production, drilling, transport, seismics, pipeline laying); services for the offshore industry (e.g. seismics, hydrography, oceanography, diving), R & D and scientific projects.

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Offshore Wind Energy

Design, assembly, installation, operation and services as well as decommissioning of offshore wind turbines as well as their components. Supplies; services for planning, installation and operation of offshore wind parks; R & D and scientific projects.

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Marine Mineral Resources / Marine Mining

R & D, design, assembly, operation and services in connection with the exploration and exploitation (mining) of Marine Mineral Resources (MMR). Supply of components and equipment as well as measurement and sampling devices. Supply of suitable survey vessels for the exploration of MMR. Design and assembly of equipment to monitor the marine environment before, during and after mining operations.

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Civilian Maritime Safety Technology

Protection of marine infrastructure such as ports, waterways, offshore wind farms; monitoring of sea areas as well as securing the supply chain. Accident management systems, telecommunications solutions; scientific projects, services, R & D.

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Marine Environmental Protection

Production, operation and services of marine environmental technology and environmental monitoring systems. Components and equipment for research and support vessels; cooperation with research institutes, scientific projects, services, R & D.

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Polar Technology

Technologies for ice forecasting and route optimization; vessels and platforms for offshore oil and gas production as well as handling and transportation technologies in ice-covered regions (Arctic logistics chain); prevention and control of pollution in ice-covered regions, evacuation and rescue concepts in ice areas; equipment for polar vessels (tankers, transport, research); scientific projects, services, R & D.

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Marine Research Technology

Development, assembly, sales and service of marine research and marine measurement technology; components and equipment for research vessels; cooperation with research institutes, scientific projects, services, R & D.

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Underwater Technology

Development, assembly, sales and services of submersibles and other underwater equipment and their components (propulsion technology, sonar technology, sensors, handling, telecommunications); components and equipment e.g. for survey - and cable laying vessels; production, installation, inspection and repair of submarine cables; R & D, scientific services (e.g. assembly / dismantling, welding, diving).

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Development and production of technologies for the controlled breeding of marine organisms in the sea (e.g. net cages in the sea). Aquaculture and fish farming, marine food resources (e.g. algae); assembly of fishing equipment and aquaculture equipment; components and equipment for fishing - and research vessels; research institutes, scientific projects, services, R & D, consulting.

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Renewable Energy

Design and installation of systems for the generation of energy from sea currents and waves. Scientific projects, services, R & D.

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Coastal Engineering / Hydraulic Engineering

Design and construction of systems and equipment (e.g. port facilities, dams, sluices, flood protection facilities, etc.) for coastal protection, coastal engineering, hydraulic construction, dredging, sea engineering; waterways, coastal zone management; scientific projects, engineering sciences, services, R & D, consulting.